A kiosk is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information for people walking by. More sophisticated kiosks let users interact and include touch screens, sound, and motion video. A number of companies specialize in creating multimedia kiosks. A simple kiosk can be created using HTML pages and graphics, setting the typesize large enough to attract people from a short distance, and removing the Web browser's tool bar so that the display screen is effectively in "kiosk mode."


V-more than kiosks

    1. New and effective customer service and marketing channel
    2. Support Thai NID smart card reader, Passport reader and Magnetic reader.
    3. Interactive real time with customers.
    4. Support customer activities; e.g. look up customer profile, services history, loyalty point checking, rewards redemption and auto-registration
    5. VSignage, VPayment, Visitor, Discount coupon, Member issue card, Information directory, Recommend place for traveler.
    6. Ready to use application and also flexible to applied for any type of business
    7. Interactive real time with customers.